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Corfu: spoilt for choice

Written by Patritsia Andrioti on Tuesday, 18 August 2015. Posted in in English

With so many local tastes and products you will be spoilt for choice when visiting Corfu.

Greece has always been well-known for its quality produce, but lately well-established quality fashion products have seen a rise in sales worldwide.

What to taste:

Try Bourdeto, a local spicy fish dish in red sauce.

Bianco is another choice, cooked with vegetables in a garlicky and lemon sauce.

Savouro: Fried fish usually sardines or white bait with sauce made from rosemary, vinegar, garlic, and raisins.

Octopus, calamari, shrimps, grilled fish whatever the fishermen bring in on the day!

Sofrito is a traditional veal dish served with potato puree or chips. Cooked in a garlic sauce.

Pastitsada is what the Corfiots have on Sundays, special occasions or holidays. It is traditionally made with rooster but nowadays most people use veal. The meat is cooked in tomato sauce, and plenty of garlic, pepper, red wine, cinnamon to flavor. It’s always served with pasta!

Mandolato otherwise known as nougat – a treat for all.

Mandola or caramelized almonds is another local sweet.

Figs are also grown in almost every garden. These have been traditionally made into what the locals call Sikomaida or Sikopita (which could translate as fig cake). Figs are dried in the sun and then flavoured with aniseed, black pepper and ouzo!

Corfu’s authentic Ginger-beer Locally known as ‘Tsitsibira’ is very refreshing and can be found in all cafes.

KumQuat grown locally is turned into a citrusy liqueur, sweet or jam.

Don’t forget to order Corfiot beer. You can even visit the brewery and attend a beer festival organized every spring!

Local wine. There is a particular white wine made on the island called Kakotrigis. Definitely worth a try!

Greek cuisine offers so many choices, too. Why not try to order something different every day of your holiday on the island?

What to buy:

There are a number of souvenir shops in Corfu town, but ask a local about what to bring home. Some will suggest snacks like mandolas or a bottle of kumquat but there are plenty of other things you could buy.

Leather sandals. A number of shops actually make their own leather sandals. Did you know that the designer of one of the most popular sandal brands comes from and still lives on the island? Her sandals are popular with Hollywood celebrities and can be seen on all catwalks!

Silk scarves. A couple of brands have sprung recently. Top quality silk with original Greek design.

Artwork. From Byzantine icons to watercolours and modern art, there are plenty of art galleries on the island and you can select artifacts from well-established local or international artists.

Cosmetics. Remember Kumquat? Guess what, it is now used in cosmetics, too. Alongside olive oil which is rich in vitamin E! Visit a chemist’s for top Greek brands in cosmetics and remedies.

High fashion. So many young and talented Greek fashion designers to choose from – most based in Greece and some abroad they have brought a fresh look on Greek fashion.

Food and delicacies. You can still of course buy extra virgin olive oil in fabulous bottles, olives, cheese, jam and sweets and of course herbs and tea.

So book your next course with Andrioti School, visit Corfu and let us tell you all the little secrets the locals are eager to share with visitors.

About the Author

Patritsia Andrioti

Patritsia Andrioti

M.Ed in TEFL from the University of Bristol, BA in Classical Studies from the University of London, Cambridge RSA/CELTA (International House, London)

Patritsia has 14 years of professional experience in education and has been a teacher, teacher trainer, and editor of EFL material in the UK and Greece. Patritsia started teaching in 1996, and also enjoyed a successful career as a teacher trainer, syllabus designer and materials’ editor for international publishing houses such as Macmillan ELT and Pearson.

She has a strong interest in technology use in the EFL context while her M.Ed research was on the use of Drama in the language classroom.

She speaks Greek and English and has a working knowledge of Italian. She’s a mother of two.

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