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Children on Study Holidays: What can they learn?

Written by Patritsia Andrioti on Sunday, 31 December 2017. Posted in in English

Children on Study Holidays
Children on Study Holidays

Combining leisure with education is not a new concept. In the ancient times, kings and princes used to chart unknown lands not only for relaxation. They also acquired knowledge that assisted them in governing the natives of the area better. Though the days of the royals have long gone, the thirst of gaining knowledge persists in the hearts of all. Our children should always be encouraged to learn new things. One of the most sought after languages is English. As the language has been recognized as a global language, people from all over the world are striving to learn the language.

English learning centers all over the world

The popularity of the English learning centers has been increasing on a daily basis. When the schools close during the holidays, and you go on vacation, consider selecting for your kids a local English learning center. The children can strengthen their language skills and become well-versed in English. It is the first step that they take towards becoming global citizens.

Indulging in social activities

If you think your children will learn only a foreign language, then think again. Andrioti School in Corfu, Greece designs a number of activities for children to go with language instruction. Our young students will learn about cooperation, tolerance, acceptance of differences, important 21t century skiils. These activities will prepare your children for a successful future.

Learning about new cultures

Andrioti School welcomes children of different ethnicities and origins; it is like a melting pot of various cultures. Thus, your child will be able to get accustomed to other cultures and learn about their practices. It will widen the perspective of the children. The knowledge about the other cultures will enhance their cognitive development as well.

Meeting new friends

At Andrioti School your child will have a chance of making new friends, across the borders. We offer your child the much-needed exposure to other cultures. As the children get along with kids from other cultural beliefs, they get a chance to widen their mind and develop their personality.


Thinking about your family’s holidays? Visit Corfu, Choose Andrioti School!

About the Author

Patritsia Andrioti

Patritsia Andrioti

M.Ed in TEFL from the University of Bristol, BA in Classical Studies from the University of London, Cambridge RSA/CELTA (International House, London)

Patritsia has 14 years of professional experience in education and has been a teacher, teacher trainer, and editor of EFL material in the UK and Greece. Patritsia started teaching in 1996, and also enjoyed a successful career as a teacher trainer, syllabus designer and materials’ editor for international publishing houses such as Macmillan ELT and Pearson.

She has a strong interest in technology use in the EFL context while her M.Ed research was on the use of Drama in the language classroom.

She speaks Greek and English and has a working knowledge of Italian. She’s a mother of two.

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